Little Miss & Mr Men Obsessed

Little Miss & Mr Men Obsessed

So at bedtime, we read to our kids every night and currently, they are obsessed with Little Miss and Mr. Men books. I say currently but it’s been over a year that I bought Becket his first set of Mr. Men books for his 4th birthday. It was an instant hit so 6 months later, I got Finley her first set of Little Miss books. I can’t tell you how many times we have read each book but they have become classics in our home. There is always a Mr. Men or Little Miss book in the night’s storytime rotation. So it’s not surprising that I love to give these books as part of a birthday present! They are small, cute, and easy to read. Finley loves to read them now on her own too. The original collections are great but I’m a bit obsessed myself with the newer ones like Mr. Men at Bedtime.

Of course, you can find them here in Joburg at Exclusive Books but even better, is that you can find them on Takealot for a deal.  For everyone else, I am sure you can find them on Amazon.





I Love NY Pizza


Something the whole family really misses is NYC pizza! Our absolute fav is Joe’s Pizza in the West Village. So you could imagine our surprise when we were driving around Cape Town and saw a sign that said ” I Love NY Pizza“! We had to give it a try and it was perfect timing as the kids were starving and nothing else was open on a Sunday afternoon at 3pm!

side note: That’s another thing we miss about NYC…the convenience of having everything at our fingertips at all hours of the day.

Back to the pizza though…walking into the pizza joint it felt just like a pizza shop in NYC. There are no tables just counter space. The pizza slices were large, different types of slices displayed and a selection of beverages. I ordered 4 slices, one for each of us: two plain and two pepperoni. Got back to the car and the kids squealed with delight! Everyone devoured their slices. I’m the slow eater in the family and I could feel Brian eyeing the rest of my pepperoni slice…the nice wife I am, I gave it to him! LOL

place: I Love NY Pizza

where: 51 Kloof Street, Cape Town

my take: must have if you’re craving pizza while in Cape Town


Pure Comfort


I was skeptical when I first heard that Krispy Kreme was coming to Joburg. My initial thought was it won’t be the same. Yet as I walked into Rosebank Mall towards Krispy Kreme, I could already smell the deliciousness of the donuts cooking! The scent was exactly how I remembered. They are pure bliss once they touch your lips…it’s melt in your mouth goodness! It’s a crowd pleaser all around for the old, young, and even those who claim they don’t like sweets. Their classic is the original glazed donut but if that’s too plain for you they have a dozen more flavors you can choose from. My favorite is the cinnamon glazed.

place: Krispy Kreme

where: The Zone @ Rosebank

my take: pick up a dozen for that next playdate, you will be everyone’s favorite