Pure Comfort


I was skeptical when I first heard that Krispy Kreme was coming to Joburg. My initial thought was it won’t be the same. Yet as I walked into Rosebank Mall towards Krispy Kreme, I could already smell the deliciousness of the donuts cooking! The scent was exactly how I remembered. They are pure bliss once they touch your lips…it’s melt in your mouth goodness! It’s a crowd pleaser all around for the old, young, and even those who claim they don’t like sweets. Their classic is the original glazed donut but if that’s too plain for you they have a dozen more flavors you can choose from. My favorite is the cinnamon glazed.

place: Krispy Kreme

where: The Zone @ Rosebank

my take: pick up a dozen for that next playdate, you will be everyone’s favorite


The Grind Cone


One of the things I miss most about NYC are the ice coffees! Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter…a good ice coffee hits the spot. I have yet to find the perfect ice coffee but the grindcone at The Grind Coffee Company at Melrose Arch is a close second!

The grindcone is an espresso/macchiato poured into an ice cream cone that has been dippedĀ in dark chocolate. It’s filled just enough at the bottom with dark chocolate so that the coffee doesn’t ooze out. Ingenious!!! Coffee and dessert all in one…simply divine!

place: The Grind Coffee Company

where: 34 Whiteley Road, Melrose Arch

my take: if you need a pick me up, the grindcone is it!