The best chicken sausage…

The best chicken sausage…

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I am that person who orders the lumberjack breakfast, the breakfast sampler, the classic..whatever you want to call it but it’s all the same! It has a little bit of everything…eggs, bacon, pork sausage, potatoes, hash browns, pancakes, mushrooms, tomatoes. I love it all…I won’t discriminate as every combo has sausage.

Yet, we all know that pork sausages aren’t really healthy so when I came across this healthy chicken sausage recipe, I had to try it. Sorry the pics aren’t great and yes, I burned a few. They got better along the way and this was already the second batch in two weeks. That’s how good they are. I love keeping them in the fridge so I can just reheat them in the morning while I make my eggs. This has been my go to breakfast…eggs, chicken sausage, sautéed kale and sriracha. Heavenly and it keeps me full…it’s a great post workout breakfast! Trust me, you won’t miss the pork sausages. Enjoy!

Caramelized Fennel & Date Chicken Sausage

Tips: the first time I made this I didn’t have fennel so I used fennel seeds but I put them in my nutribullet to get the fennel in powder form. I also added green onions/scallions. Either way it was just as good. The fennel powder did give it more of that anise flavor but it would also depend how much you put in. It’s just a good alternative if you don’t have fresh fennel.

Voodoo Lily


The name of this restaurant was enough to entice me to give it a try and it didn’t disappoint. Been here a couple of times for breakfast and the food has always been good, service delightful and ambience nice as they have indoor and outdoor seating. I prefer outdoor and the weather in Joburg can’t be beat…even in winter it’s hot out!

So, when they announced that they were serving sushi that was definitely a reason for me to go back. Look, sushi in Joburg is not sushi in NYC and I have finally made peace with it! Now, I’m happy enough to just get my sushi fix.

It’s a win win for all though as they have a diverse menu and for those on the banting diet this is your place. It’s kid friendly as there is a small jungle gym across the street and they have a kids menu. The milkshakes are kid approved and my husband’s order of the deconstructive wrap was absolutely delicious as I was too late in taking a pic before he finished it!

place: Voodoo Lily Café

where: Birdhaven, 64 St Andrew Street & Wrenrose Avenue

my take: a safe bet anyday