The best chicken sausage…

The best chicken sausage…

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I am that person who orders the lumberjack breakfast, the breakfast sampler, the classic..whatever you want to call it but it’s all the same! It has a little bit of everything…eggs, bacon, pork sausage, potatoes, hash browns, pancakes, mushrooms, tomatoes. I love it all…I won’t discriminate as every combo has sausage.

Yet, we all know that pork sausages aren’t really healthy so when I came across this healthy chicken sausage recipe, I had to try it. Sorry the pics aren’t great and yes, I burned a few. They got better along the way and this was already the second batch in two weeks. That’s how good they are. I love keeping them in the fridge so I can just reheat them in the morning while I make my eggs. This has been my go to breakfast…eggs, chicken sausage, sautéed kale and sriracha. Heavenly and it keeps me full…it’s a great post workout breakfast! Trust me, you won’t miss the pork sausages. Enjoy!

Caramelized Fennel & Date Chicken Sausage

Tips: the first time I made this I didn’t have fennel so I used fennel seeds but I put them in my nutribullet to get the fennel in powder form. I also added green onions/scallions. Either way it was just as good. The fennel powder did give it more of that anise flavor but it would also depend how much you put in. It’s just a good alternative if you don’t have fresh fennel.

Everything is better with strawberries…

Everything is better with strawberries…


I’m always in search of a good salad that’s easy to make and great for dinner parties. So when a good friend sent me a pic of this salad, I knew I had to find it.  Sure enough after a quick Pinterest search, I found it….Creamy Strawberry Feta Pasta Salad!

The salad was a huge hit at dinner that night. I forgot to add the avocado but it was still a great salad. The strawberries and the poppy dressing were what made the salad! I have to say though that the recipe calls for a lot of pasta and the dressing yields quite a bit. I halved the pasta and the dressing. It still fed 4 people easily with leftovers for one. Give this one a try….it tastes even better the day after! For a complete meal, you can always add whatever protein that suits you!


I Love NY Pizza


Something the whole family really misses is NYC pizza! Our absolute fav is Joe’s Pizza in the West Village. So you could imagine our surprise when we were driving around Cape Town and saw a sign that said ” I Love NY Pizza“! We had to give it a try and it was perfect timing as the kids were starving and nothing else was open on a Sunday afternoon at 3pm!

side note: That’s another thing we miss about NYC…the convenience of having everything at our fingertips at all hours of the day.

Back to the pizza though…walking into the pizza joint it felt just like a pizza shop in NYC. There are no tables just counter space. The pizza slices were large, different types of slices displayed and a selection of beverages. I ordered 4 slices, one for each of us: two plain and two pepperoni. Got back to the car and the kids squealed with delight! Everyone devoured their slices. I’m the slow eater in the family and I could feel Brian eyeing the rest of my pepperoni slice…the nice wife I am, I gave it to him! LOL

place: I Love NY Pizza

where: 51 Kloof Street, Cape Town

my take: must have if you’re craving pizza while in Cape Town


Home Cookin’


When my mom met Brian, one of the first things she told him was that I can do a lot of things but cooking isn’t one of them!

Fast forward 10 years….I can cook! LOL I’m not a born chef but I can sure follow a good recipe and also make changes to suit our taste buds. I try to cook three times a week and believe it or not, I do enjoy it. Yet finding the time to prep and cook is another story. So I try to find the easiest and quickest recipes. Most days I’m not home till 4 with the kids and I have to make their meals and ours before 6 (6 is bath time and 7 is bed time). It’s challenging but not impossible. To make matters worse, my husband doesn’t eat leftovers! So cooking on the weekends and reheating isn’t an option.

Found this recipe on All Recipes and decided to give it a try. It was by far one of the best meals I have ever made. Brian loves penne all vodka and this was close enough. This was absolutely amazing and you can easily make changes. The original recipe called for roasted peppers and peas but I omitted both. I wanted to keep it simple and Brian doesn’t like peas. I have also made this recipe using greek yogurt as a heathy alternative to the heavy cream. Yet, if you make it with the heavy cream first you probably won’t enjoy this as much! LOL


Pure Comfort


I was skeptical when I first heard that Krispy Kreme was coming to Joburg. My initial thought was it won’t be the same. Yet as I walked into Rosebank Mall towards Krispy Kreme, I could already smell the deliciousness of the donuts cooking! The scent was exactly how I remembered. They are pure bliss once they touch your lips…it’s melt in your mouth goodness! It’s a crowd pleaser all around for the old, young, and even those who claim they don’t like sweets. Their classic is the original glazed donut but if that’s too plain for you they have a dozen more flavors you can choose from. My favorite is the cinnamon glazed.

place: Krispy Kreme

where: The Zone @ Rosebank

my take: pick up a dozen for that next playdate, you will be everyone’s favorite