Home Cookin’


When my mom met Brian, one of the first things she told him was that I can do a lot of things but cooking isn’t one of them!

Fast forward 10 years….I can cook! LOL I’m not a born chef but I can sure follow a good recipe and also make changes to suit our taste buds. I try to cook three times a week and believe it or not, I do enjoy it. Yet finding the time to prep and cook is another story. So I try to find the easiest and quickest recipes. Most days I’m not home till 4 with the kids and I have to make their meals and ours before 6 (6 is bath time and 7 is bed time). It’s challenging but not impossible. To make matters worse, my husband doesn’t eat leftovers! So cooking on the weekends and reheating isn’t an option.

Found this recipe on All Recipes and decided to give it a try. It was by far one of the best meals I have ever made. Brian loves penne all vodka and this was close enough. This was absolutely amazing and you can easily make changes. The original recipe called for roasted peppers and peas but I omitted both. I wanted to keep it simple and Brian doesn’t like peas. I have also made this recipe using greek yogurt as a heathy alternative to the heavy cream. Yet, if you make it with the heavy cream first you probably won’t enjoy this as much! LOL


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