King Kong

King Kong Chillin'
"Charlie Chillin"

One of my most memorable adventures was going to see the gorillas in Rwanda. It was absolutely indescribable…and almost surreal.  You get so close to them that you could almost reach out and touch them. They are so human like that it’s amazing..their mannerisms and their features. They even play games with you as you’re not suppose to make full eye contact with them as they think that you are challenging them but on purpose, they will try to catch you looking at that point, you just have to quickly look down.

Big Ben

His real name is Charles and he is a silverback gorilla. There is always a dominant male in each pack and Charles was it. We had to trek one hour to see him and his family. Other groups didn’t have such an easy time finding their packs. Once one gorilla is sighted in a pack the clock starts ticking and we only have one hour to watch them (as they do not want to disrupt their routines and natural habitats). The gorillas know this too as when our hour was up they  just started moving!

**note: in case you read my blog earlier, I made a mistake his son was named Big Ben**

Have you seen enough yet???
Have you seen enough yet???
This is my good side!
This is my good side!

I just found a great video of the family we saw in Rwanda, check it out:

5 thoughts on “King Kong

  1. Jeannie, this is just absolutely amazing. What an awesome job you have to be able to experience these kinds of things one can only dream about doing someday. Just amazing photos and love the blog!! Jen


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