a little bit of paradise!

Hot Pot Special *Pork Belly*

just found this little piece of heaven on east 7th & 1st avenue called Kyo-Ya….not an easy place to find as they do not have any signs out front but that’s ok, can be my little secret! went there last night with my friend, lily, and we had the hot pot special…pork belly..succulent and juicy. although this should probably be saved for a cold winter’s night the air condition in the place made up for it.

everything in this place is TDF…definitely check it out if you can find it! LOL

Hot Pot Special *Pork Belly*

2 thoughts on “a little bit of paradise!

    1. yup it was about the same but a little different tasting since this was in a broth. the meat was just as tender though…


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