You had me at Hello!

This is just the beginning of my world as the way I see it!

I don’t really know how it came about but several friends have suggested that I start my own blog. In the past two years, my life has certainly done a 360…who would of ever thought that I would be traveling back and forth from home, NYC, and Africa. To say the least, I have had plenty of memorable experiences already and  I guess this is a good way to record “my life” so that I won’t forget this special time in my life!

Yet, I’m not one to really concentrate on one thing as I get bored easily so this blog isn’t just going to be about my travels but just about everything and anything. I love food and I love shopping so don’t be alarmed if you get some tantalizing reviews of me dining out (one thing I’m not is a cook) or me finding a “must have” in my closet.

As mentioned, I have done alot of travel already and hopefully I can give you glimpses of that through my photos.

Do enjoy and do send me your comments!

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