Give Thanks…

there always come a time in life where you just have to step back and give thanks for all the little things you have that you may take for granted. well, for me today i am thanking god, fate or whatever you believe in for my awesome boyfriend!!! we have been through a lot together in the past year but somehow we are more determined than ever to make this relationship work. the LOVE and friendship we have is the easy part but surviving the everyday circumstances and obstacles is the “work” and then of course, there is always the test of time. yet despite all these challenges, i am so grateful that i have found my best friend and someone that i love very much. he “completes me” ( so cheesy i know but true) in every way and has made me a stronger, better, and more caring individual. thanks Brian for all that you have shown me and given me but most importantly for loving me.


what is diet & exercise??

as most of you know this is not something i am familiar with….

after 35 years, i have decided to give these a try. unbelievably, i have almost completely cut out sweets! i let myself have some kind of treat once a week and exercise has become a part of my daily routine. this might come to a shock to many but it works!! lol

inches are starting to come off and i feel better and have more energy…so goodbye 35 and hello 25!

no more “sugar sweet sunshine in my life” 😦